Links are manufactured from high quality brass pressings to BS 2870 in CZ 108 brass or equivalent, and mainly eutectic low melting point alloys (which melt at a specific temperature).

Links are always manufactured to order and not held in stock where they can obviously deteriorate. It is recommended that links are replaced on a regular basis preferably annually.


Welcome to C T Products!


C T PRODUCTS was established in 1965 and now solely manufacture and supply fusible links for use in fire protection and ventilation industries.


We specialise in the manufacture of mechanical,temperature released fusible links for industry, producing a wide range of fusible links for use in fire prevention, heating control and air conditioning equipment.


New for 2011!


 C T Products have just purchased  sheet metal press equipment, to enable us to stay competitive in the market and to allow flexibility for custom size orders.

We now have all the equipment to press any size or style of link you require, without the large set up charges normaly incurred.

Also allowing us to provide better discounts on multiple purchases.

 For a custom size form please see contact us page

 Or contact us through the page for a larger copy

Since we manufacture to order we can tailor to specific requirements :
e.g.  temperatures  marked in  °c   or  °f

    *        maximum loading can  also be marked
    *        large orders could  possibly be marked with your company name
    *        links can also be fitted with 1 inch brass “S” hooks


C T Products,

2 Pincombe road



EX39 3Fx


Mobile: 07497813141

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C T Products

  manufacturers of fusible links

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